Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Lies

Christmas is an exchange of money in the form of material. One buys material with money and give the material to another and same goes for that other. They exchange shit and use what they got to the best of their ability until the resonance of Christmas disappears. Then they will most likely stop using it or if it truly is useful they will use it. So what is the point? Why not just exchange money? Then the person will be able to do what they want with that money. They will not be subject to what the other wants to get them or thinks they need or want. Christmas is a bullshit holiday which has now transformed into giving crap to receive crap, because all that is sold in stores now adays will break in roughly 3-4 years. Again to give money is what would really work at Christmas. There is nothing else to say on the matter. But then looking at it what would the point be of giving money at Christmas? There really would be none because everyone has money well except for kids… so why buy people shit when they can do it for themselves IT IS POINTLESS to celebrate Christmas.  The only point would be for the kids and right now it is deceptive, How many kids are hurt when they find out that Santa is not real? A lot. So why Lie to them to support another bullshit character? I mean fuck what is the point of keeping SATAN around. !!!!Coca-Cola created Santa why support that shit any further? What is the point, It only hurts children’s hearts/feelings/beliefs/hopes. It gives them a false belief that this world is nice and happy and loving and giving when it is completely the opposite for a good 80% of your life. Why lie to them about this world? Its pointless. But you would ot have to lie if it were changed! Support an Equal Money System

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