Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dealing with selfishness is quite interesting. The meaning of selfishness is obviously dependent on your perspective within/as the definintion of it. To me selfishness is putting self and self interests as priority without regarding the consequences or other life. One can be percieved as being selfish but can be trully doing what is best for all, because that Includes Self no matter what, so obviously you can find a point, within every action, of selfishness. For example I desire sex quite a bit, so I will pursue an opportunity to have sex, within that I am only considering my wants, not other life, not the person I am pursuing, Just my own Interests. So that is an example of pure selfishness. Another example is that I was to move out with someone but they did not take any action within looking for a place, setting up times to view etc, so I decided to move out on my own, to take responsibility for myself, and so that they could take responsibility for themselves. So within that example It could be percieved as Selfish, pursuing my own needs, but what one might not take into consideration is the fact that is gave them to take responsibility for themselves which will assist them.

To be honest right now, this post's starting point was from a comment regarding selfishness. So it is in defence of myself. It said that me talking about my own problems of smoking, was selfishness and that we all have our own problems. Agreed that we all have our problems but most of them are regarding a same issue, self will, self responsibility, standing up, seeing things in a different perspective, and if one is to share their experience with an issue that many deal with than it assists them is seeing their problem from a different perspective, thus assisting them.

One can only validly share a perspective from their experience. That is the only true experience that can be expressed, so there will be many I's many Me's and words regarding Self. Even though I have not been using a lot of I and am talking about a person in general, this still comes from a personal experience where I was assisted from a person writing about only their experience and relating it to myself.

So that is MY perspective on Selfishness, and it may seem selfishness but if it provides assistance then Yay!  I doubt it will because this came from a starting point of wanting to defend myself, but nonetheless is provides a different way to view selfishness.

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