Thursday, August 5, 2010


During my process I have made many excuses to not do what is best for all, or I have been purposefully ignorant of myself. The most recent excuse that I have noticed is that when I buy a pack of smokes I allow myself to smoke the pack before I try and quit. Making the excuse of I know that I will smoke if I have them (Self-Dishonesty) only for the purpose to allow myself to smoke, supporting my want of smoking. I have noticed this and usually within that I would ignore that thought, but I am not taking this process lightly anymore, I am standing up within that excuse and breathing through the want of a cigarette. ALthought I have fallen many times within this, I will and do continue to stand up within this. I will not allow myself to disregard my process, thus disregarding the state that the world exists within.

Getting back on the bi-cycle after falling is easier than I expected. Without the mind prevailing you have a choice, in which you can choose to fall or to get back on the bike. It is as simple as a choice. Choosing is simple aswell. Like I said I have fallen within smoking and I choose to not allow that excuse to allow me to fall again and follow the cycle of my existence.

It is easy to stand, if you are still falling within a point, flag where you fell and next time apply a choice in whether or not to participate within that falling point.
Welcome to the same day as before!

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