Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quantity of Life vs Quality of Life

In the capitalistic system we value the amount of money the we have in our bank accounts. We value how much we have, how much money, how much materials, how much resources, how much sex we have, how many friends we have, how much, how much, how much. All of this gathering of value within quantity is irrelevant to life, because when you die, how much do you in fact have? Only yourself.

What we have done within the capitalistic system in only value the quantity of things/money, placing value on having more than having what's best, forgetting and ignoring the quality of things/life living/existent on the planet with us. We are searching for the quantitative value assuming and believing that more is better = the more the merrier = the more the happier I become. In this search we are missing the quality of all life that is being lived by the majority of the inhabitants of this Earth, not just humans but insects, trees, animals, bacteria, marine life, etc. We are living a life that is based on the principle of the more of a material one has the more value one has…the more money I have the more valuable I am…"What is my net Worth?" It is showing us all over that we value the quantity rather than the quality and as long as we have quantified enough money for only ourselves we don't care about the quality of life that we lead because we can simply add more to the quantity of shit that we possess to keep us happy, to keep us blind to the quality of life that is being lived placing value/happiness in quantity instead of happiness/value in Quality!

Ask yourself the questions - Does quantity of money exist? - based on a capitalistic system where the game of the monetary system is more profit, then yes, we are able to get more and more money, we are able to have quantity of money. We search for more quantity, we save for more quantity, we want more instead of having the best.

Does quality of money exist? Quality based on the actual physical reality of money, well you can have a quality bill where it is hard to be destroyed, but in that quality does not in fact exist as the bill will be circulated, traded from one person to the next to near infinity, but money is still going to have to be produced. More money will have to be injected into the monetary system as it is now existing to keep it fueled, in that the quality of money is not existent because the quality of the bill is in fact worthless when the quantity is where value is placed within. There is no better or worse money based on designed structure of lastingness as it doesn't last as money is valued within/as quantity = more quantity less value/quality = it doesn't matter if you have 100 million dollars if that dollar is not worth anything due to the quantity of that dollar in circulation = quality money doesn't exist as it is affected by inflation rates.

 Does the quality of life exist in the current money system? - yes it does, but that quality of life has been ignored for a long damn time because of the false value placed within the quantity of money. Quality of life has been not considered as much as the quantity because as long as one has quantity of money one is able to produce the quality of life for self without regards to the quality of life for all, in this allowing the quantity to destroy the quality as more is better without consideration of how the `more` exists, in that disregarding the quality of how the more exists. Creating more as value within harvesting more and more of the resources so that one is able to get more quantity of money/materials, in this calling it value, not considering the quality of that which is being resourced/created only the quantity.

 Does quantity of life exist? - Yes quantity of life exists, but again in the perspective of the capitalistic system quantity is good in the aspect of we have more people to make money and inject into/as the capitalistic system, only valuing the quantity of life due to make more money. In this, quantity out weights the quality, through the perspective of having more people living on the planet the more money in circulation thus more quantity for everyone while disregarding the quality of life that it being lived. Only allowing a minority that have quantity of money to live in somewhat quality due to the quantity of humans. In this, the quality of life is accepted and not questioned by the minority that have the quantity, in this disregarding the quality of life equally throughout the planet because they have their comfort and happiness within the illusioned quantity of value.

Now within the Equal Money system that has no profit objective lets ask the same questions
Does quantity of money exist? - Quantity within the numbers yes, quantity within being able to have more or less, no because profit will not exist, one is not able to extract money from another to build up ones own bank account, meaning that when a `sale` is done the money does not continue into the seller's account, it disappears, so in this quantity does not exist in fact as it disappears from the equation once used. In the initial point of having digits in a bank account, sure that can be the `quantity` but that quantity is not able to be measured within more or less as money will not be `gained` through the sales of items. So within the accepted definition as it now stands as quantity being a more or less measured through comparison…no quantity will not exist within an Equal Money System.

Does Quality of money exist? - When money only exist as digits on a screen the quality of money will not exist, there will be no value in money, thus no form of use to make it qualitative. It will only be digits on a screen and used as a tool as it is used now as a means of transference of goods, but in that no profit will be allowed to exist, and understand that the goods are not going to be existent as they are today with massive companies doing the work and then transporting the goods across the globe for only a select few with the quantity of money to purchase. The goods will be based on person to person with/as that which would be given to all equally, in that which is in support of all life, as there is no profit so there is no point in creating a good solely based for profit and all that is left to consider is what will improve the quality of life equally for all.

Does Quantity of Life exist? Yes, there will be abundance of life, but the quantity will not be supported due to more influx of money into/as the system, quantity of life will be the prospering of life, allowing life to flourish, stopping the point of more life more money, but more life more life  to life with and as, in this allowing the ability of the quality of life to improve within the quantity of life until it has reached it's peak and plateau (the best)

Does Quality of Life exist? Most definitely. What is fascinating within this is that since there is no quantity of money existent, the only thing that is left of/as value is the quality of life that each individual lives within/as and since the quantity will not get quality = the more money the better life one has, as it exists now, the quality will be considered and given throughout in eQuality. Meaning that the goal will no longer be in the search for more and more and more money in order to maintain or improve upon a quality of living. The goal will be the quality of living throughout in Equality, where the quality of life will improve in each individuals life when all life is given quality of life equally simply through the global actions in improving the quality of life equally, not allowing the individual quality to be valued within the quantity of money. The quantity will not outweigh the quality, and in that the quality of life will be taken into consideration, as there will be no more search for more quantity to improve life, but how to improve the quality of life throughout the globe because of quality being the quality of life not based on quantity of life. The quality of life will finally be given value equally throughout the world, through the stopping of the search for quantity and to improve what we have here as the quality of life. It is to improve the life that is here, not to make more quantity in hopes of improvement through more quantity.
So what is fascinating in an Equal Money system is that to only thing that is left to consider value towards is the quality of life that each individual is living, and in equality we will be able to start to look at how each individual's quality of life is being lived, in this giving value to life itself. There will be no more search for more, only the quality of what is here will be improved as there will be no `more` as `more` has always been a lie, no more resources can exist than what is here, so in this the goal is to then improve the quality of that which we create out of the resources so that we no longer need to dig for MORE resources, improve the living conditions of EVERYTHING, laptops, televisions, trees, bugs, animals, cups, clothes - improve the quality of the life that is being lived within/as everything that is this Earth/universe.

So…visit share your vote on each of the categories, share comments and start to support a life where the quality of life is valued, not the quantitative value of digits/monies.

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