Friday, July 29, 2011

A Perspective on Friendship

The Bullshit of Friends and Friendship
I got birthday greets from destonians and from friends that are in my direct reality. I find it disgusting what friendship actually is, as the comments are completely off.

The destonians say happy be-earth day, happy b-day, enjoy yourself etc, and my `friends` said “get hammed” and “want to get drunk and kill animals?” The latter of the friend quotes is a joke as the person knows me well enough to understand that I am completely against that, yet that statement nonetheless shows no support whatsoever and implies harm to life, whereas the destonian comments are supportive in the way that they do not suggest harm to life and suggest my enjoyment of myself. So What the fuck are friends good for is they are not supportive whatsoever.

This is unfortunate to realize because I have asked a question to myself and it is do I want these people in my reality? And I answered no. And I realize that is why I usually skate with one person, as my `friends` are people whom I skate with and the one person I skate with is not like this = he knows and understands that I do not drink so he does not ask me = he does not influence me in anyway to join him in drinking and he allows me to be me and allows him to be him.

This is a great perspective on support from destonians = how the group operates and how friends `support` one another.
This contrast in comments is great to see as I see that there only a select few people within my reality that are supportive, and shows me where each person stands within their application of themselves and now all I need to do is a weeding of my life.

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