Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Love

My sister is going through a `hard` time in her life. She is in debt, and My father is not supporting her the way she wants to be supported. He is being emotionally abusive, and purposely using his knowledge of my sisters peersonality, to manipulate her emotions. Now I gave her advice to remove herself from him and live on her own...she has the know how and the resources, and to cut him out of her life. She said that she couldn't cut him out because he is family and that family should unconditionally love eachother. To this I laughed and said that I received no love when I spoke about desteni, when I would speak about this world, I was attacked and still am. Like yesterday I was speaking about an Equal money system and Patti took on the advocate of the devil. So I laughed and said there is not unconditional love I have experienced the conditions that need to be met to be `loved`.

Do not fool yourself with family love. Families are quite deceptive in trying to get you to lead you down a set path. Because who better to lead you down the path then the ones who have already been down the path that you are on. You will become like your mother or father, unless you take a stand. The family system is there to manipulate you into believing that you are making a choice for yourself but when really you are living out the same pattern that they have lived out. And If they say there is love, the moment you go against the gang, the cult, the mob, the family, you become ostracized, you become an outcast. If one speaks about something that the family does not share in common one is ousted. Same within friends, if you don't abide by the set actions fo the group one is cut off from the group/exiled. Family love is a lie. Do not be deceived when told be family members that love is within them for you. It is within them for them. It is out of self-interest. No I used to love my sister but within realizing what that love was for her, which was a belief that she is the only one in the world I could relate to, which was out of self-interest of wanting to be accepted and included and relate to someone, I stopped that love for her. I stopped that love for her and stood as myself, and stopped living for her acception of me. I stopped living to please her so that the love will remain. I now stand as myself living for myself speaking for myself, standing in every moment for myself.

Family love is very deceptive, as a child we are brought up to stand with and by the family no matter what. We are not taught to think for ourselves. We are subjected to our parents opinions of what is right or wrong. We then become them. We then become their beliefs and live as their beliefs. When one `steps out of line` one is either brought back in line through force, or let go and that line stays straight, there is no extension within the line to accomodate one. It is black or white...from my perspective, I am sure that there are some instances differently. But look at it this way, If ones family is devout Catholics, and one stands up and stops going to church, stops praying to god, stops worshipping, what happens? Does the family say ok that fine, your choice or opinion and it has no affect on me. Or does the family exclude them immensely from the family, as well as my medial (via media) knowledge of coming out to parents about being gay.

Doesn't always happen but from my medial understanding it is quite frequent. Now ask yourself, where is the family love within all of this? Does it exist unconditionally, or is it subjective and conditional?

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