Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Watching AMerica's Funniest home videos is interesting. Some of them are genuinly funny but others are just about pain. I mean is pain funny? Do we laugh at starvation? Fuck no and if you did you would be mental. There where instances where people were truly hurt and we stand in separation laughing at them, not with. WIth is completely fine but at is abuse. Laughing at someone is like gossip saying that I am glad I am not you, pure separation. Laughing with is fine, no one is being subjected to or at.

Laughing at someone else's pain is sick and abusive. Movies like jackass that make light of pain I will not support. I will not support that in the world. Laughing at pain is at all pain. It is laughing at limbs being blown off, it is laughing at animal cruelty, it is laughing at child abuse, it is laughing at starvation. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from others' pain. Iforgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to subject other people to pain for my enjoyment.

That is the point right there. Enjoying pain! enjoying others pain because it is not you. Within that laughter one is saying fuck them I am not them I am separate from them they are not one and equal with me. So I will not support laughter at pain, and will forgive myself when it comes up. It I laugh with them then it is fine, they are fine and it is enjoyment between the both. But when one is hurt and one laughs than one is believing one to be more than one.

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